A Society for All Ages
Online Sessions

3rd Edition of the Interactions Symposium under the topic “A Society for All Ages”, this year under the format of thematic sessions, online.

From  january 20, every wednesday, from 14:30

Sessão 1 / Session 1

The 3rd Edition of the ‘InterActions Symposium’, organized by the “Lisbon City of All Ages” of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, will bring together, through 16 Thematic Sessions, carried out online, a group of academics, researchers, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and other experts in the field of longevity and ageing, with the purpose of debating the challenges that are posed to the promotion of a society for all ages. This will also seek to make known and promote the exchange of “best Practices” and the positioning of the different organizations, departments and services on this matter.

Thematic sessions will address a wide range of topics in the area of ageing, from aspects related to the social representations of the elderly and ageing stereotypes, through the transition to retirement processes, to the challenges associated with ‘ageing in place’ in the digital era. In particular, efforts will be made to highlight the housing component and the public space as handspikes to facilitate the transition from the hospital to the community with an impact on policies regarding continuity of care.

Beyond national experts of relevance in this domain, we will also have specialists at an international level that will contribute to better understand the challenges that we are faced with in the affirmation of a society for All Ages, more cohesive, justice and solidary.

To register on the online cycles, simply access the link and fill out the form.

Pessoas a passear no Terreiro do Paço

Session 1



Inaugural session: Friendly Cities for All Ages: a life cycle approach

Idoso a andar no passeio

Session 2



Ageing Portugal: Longevity challenges

Edifícios antigos de Lisboa

Session 3



Ageing in place: friendly housing experiences in USA and Europe

Elétrico cheio a circular em Lisboa

Session 4



Ageing and housing in the city: accessibility and inclusiveness

Crianças a brincar com bolas de sabão na Praça do Rossio

Session 5



Lisbon, a city for all Ages: the role of public space

Upcoming sessions will be announced soon.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Adriana Henriques
    Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa
  • Alda Benamor
    PLUG More
  • Alfonso Lara Montero
    European Social Network
  • Anne-Sophie Parent
    European Covenant on Demographic Change
  • Carina Dantas
    SHINE 2Europe
  • Catarina Marcelino
    Instituto da Segurança Social, IP
  • Hugo Paredes
  • José Bruno Alves
    Cuidadores Portugal e Eurocarers
  • Manuel Grilo
    Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
  • Ricardo Rodrigues
    European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
  • Sara Ramos
    ISCTE – IUL Business School
  • Sibila Marques
    ISCTE – IUL – Centro de Investigação e de Intervenção Social
  • Sofia Duque
    Hospital São Francisco Xavier
  • Maria Joaquina Madeira
    Consultora do Programa “Lisboa Cidade de Todas as Idades”